Treasury returns

Fractional Rocket currently invests its full treasury into $NDFI Nodes . The rewards of the treasury investment (in $NDFI) will either be compounded (increasing the treasury value and resulting in higher future returns) or returned to directly benefit holders of $FROCK.

Currently: 100% of rewards are used for compounding, no returns.

100% of the returns will directly benefit the holders, these returns are distributed proportionally to all $FROCK holders, every 2-7 days.

Here there are 2 options:

1 Pay out dividends to holders

The returns are paid out as dividends, in $FTM. These are added to the reflections.

2 $FROCK buybacks

The returns fund $FROCK buybacks. The bought back share are used to add liquidity to the trading pair, or burned.

Burning reduces the supply, so it increases the value of the held tokens. $FROCK is therefor deflationary.

The $FROCK team decides on pay out or buybacks (liquidity/burn) on a case-by-case basis.

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