Reflections from trade volume

On top of the treasury dividends, a part of the transaction tax is used to pay out reflections.

Currently: 7% of every transaction is used for reflections.

3 Reflections from trade volume

$FROCK holders are proportionally distributed a percentage of the hourly trade volume in $FTM. Once bought, no staking or other operation is required. You will earn passive income while holding an appreciating token from treasury buybacks and burns.

Just hold $FROCK to earn $FTM. To claim these automatically accruing $FTM reflections, you need to claim them on the Fractional Rocket DApp which will be available after launch.

An $FTM Reflections APR indicator will be displayed in the DApp to provide transparency on what the return would be for new investors, based on the last 24 hour volume at current price.

Investors will be able to see their APR, based on their averaged entry price.

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