What are reflections?

Reflections are payments to holders of a token, paid out in a different token.

For Fractional rocket: Payments to $FROCK holders, paid out in $FTM.

As part of $FROCK tokenomics, there is a 22% tax on every buy, sell, and transfer of $FROCK. 7% of the value of every transaction is moved into a contract wallet, the reflection wallet.

Once this wallet has a balance of 1,000 $FROCK, the reflection wallet is swapped on the open market (using the Spookyswap $FROCK/$FTM Liquidity Pair) to $FTM. Immediately after, these $FTM rewards are made claimable. Now all $FROCK holders can proportionally claim their share. A snapshot is token for the % ownership at that moment.

Do developers have access to the tax revenue?

The development team cannot withdraw the $FROCK smart contract's holding of tax revenue (in $FROCK tokens) and can only change the frequency and amount of $FROCK that is sold to fund $FTM reflections. Therefore, the $FROCK balance in the contract can only be held or distributed to all holders; devs do not have access. The distribution of $FTM reflections is automatic and the development team cannot modify this; it's hardcoded into the smart contract.


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